Karen the Director

Karen the Director

From writing, through music performance and management, to art, design and photography, Karen’s strengths and interests have naturally led her towards directing.

With her first film – RACHEL – Karen has started as she intends to go on. She feels that, just as a conductor is nothing without an orchestra, a director cannot make a film without creating a genuinely collaborative environment in which every role is treated with equal respect and weight. She also believes wholeheartedly in providing as many opportunities as possible for women to shine in key production roles.

In particular, she wants to make sure that it is not only newcomers that benefit from the current moves towards fairer representation, but also those women who have led the way and struggled over decades to get recognition, when no one talked about, let alone cared about the lack of equality in the film industry.

She is a member of Women in Film and TV and her goal now, moving forward with her core, predominantly female team, is to direct her first feature film.

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