Writing – When the Fat Lady Thins

Writing – When the Fat Lady Thins

WHEN THE FAT LADY THINS – Novel by Karen Anstee

Olivia is hugely talented singer, yet she has ended up consigned to working
as an also-ran soloist for horrendous amateur choral societies. Meanwhile,
her frenemy, the svelte and gorgeous Calliope, is a mega-successful
international opera star, despite her limited ability. Bound together by a
traumatic past, they find their friendship tested to its limits by success and a
handsome Italian tenor.

This sometimes tear-jerking, often humorous tale of friendship, love, lust and
betrayal reveals the romance and heartbreak that lies behind the scenes at
London’s glamorous opera houses.

Available on Amazon UK and Amazon

When the Fat Lady Thins | Novel by Karen Anstee


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